Handmade and individually

Thank you for your interest in my picture frames. Particularly made for each artwork, the picture frames represent the lightness and naturalness of minimalism. The solid oak wood, which is provided with very strong magnets, holds the artwork together on the upper and lower side. A delicate chain enables the artwork to be hung on the wall. Please note that the frames do not contain glass! Like that, the natural colors and the beautiful paper structure of prints and especially those of the originals appear more vivid. For everyone who likes it easy and natural.

I am proud to say that the picture frame is a sustainable variant under conventional picture frames.

Due to:
☾ the low material consumption (wooden strip, magnets, chain, glue)
☾ of the material (solid oak wood + responsible forestry)
☾ the procedure (hand-made, darkening of the wood without chemicals).

So if you want a framed artwork, just click “Yes” to the right of the respective artwork description.Β 

I already wish you a wonderful and natural aura in your home.


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