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That´s me

Hey my friend, my name is Carola Schade and I am a kid of the 90s. I have my roots in Germany, in somewhere of nowhere surrounded of pure nature and silence. As a small child I was creative, I loved to sing, design and paint. Over the years I have neglected painting because of work, studies and all other commitments. 2019 was the turning point in my life! Through my longer trip around the world and the inspirations of nature and wonderful people, I was taught that a passion for something is a gift that we should never neglect. From now on, I never want to miss my passion for painting in life again. Painting is now an integral part of my life and I am infinitely grateful that God gave me this gift. Additional to that I never want to neglect my love and connection to nature again, which gives me inner peace and many inspirations for my artworks. My special emphasis here is on the moon. What do I appreciate on the moon? The moon has a very intense effect. It wanders through the sky in a sacred rhythm and radiates an energy and at the same time puts a calm inside us that flows through the entire body. When I watch him, I see the world through different eyes and from different perspectives. There is strength and courage. And every phase of the moon gives certain impulses. The moon connects us humans, animals and plants on earth with each other and gently makes us aware that we are all nature. 

Moonlight is the proof
that there will always be light in darkness

– unknown

Another desire with her work

Art with a good cause

On my trip around the world I worked for 3 month as a volunteer for an animal protection organization called `CIWY`. The location of this organization is in the center of bolivia, in the rainforest full of beauty and wildlife. CIWY has a big heart and a the intention to rescue animals from illegal trade and enable them the happiest most natural life as possible, especially after their tragic fate. We all know that animals have an important role in the ecosystem and that every living being has the right to live naturally.
With every purchase of my artwork you donate automatically to the Bolivian rainforest for it´s biodiversity. Let´s spread love for ourselves, our fellow human beings and for nature. The moon our constant companion will always remind us.

Nature is priority


My artworks are packed 99.9% plastic-free! All the packaging is based on natural material, is recycled or recyclable.


By buying my artworks, you donate 5% to the Bolivian rainforest to support animal welfare and to maintain biodiversity.

Paper & Color

For originals I use handmade paper made of a recycelt material and for prints non-wood material, that I will unveil inside your package as part of a surprise. Both papers and the colors are resistant to aging.

Picture frame

The wood is from FSC-certified solid wood, which guarantees a long service life.
The frames are handmade and darkened without chemicals.

Let´s help to let us and nature breath again!

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