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During my trip I got a lot of inspiration and motivation to start again with my passion, painting, especially with watercolor. I started a project. This project is something unique to me, so it was clear to me that I wanted to give it a unique name, with great importance. Surprisingly, the idea of the name came from now on: Aqcaroell. This name describes my love of watercolor, also called Aquarell, the origin of this project and integrates my nickname ‘Caro’ to give it a personal touch. This is how “Aq-caro-ell” was brought into life.

I love watercolor painting in many ways. I love the structure of the watercolor paper and the watercolor paints on the paper. I am generally a fan of naturalness and no type of painting seems as natural to me as watercolor. Watercolor is a lot of fun for me. Because you never really know what the result will show, especially the color gradients at Aqcaroell are always a surprise.

I tried many things when painting, whether portraits, animals or plants. However, nothing has drawn me as much as the moon. The moon has something magical because it has many properties that we can relate to our life. It accompanies us every day, everywhere. For me it stands as a symbol that it connects us humans and nature, no matter from which distance. It gently reminds us that we are part of this grandiose nature, while exuding a powerful energy, but at the same time a deep inner calm.

I already answered what the moon represents for me in the previous question. But what is the significance of my works of art in particular? Not only does watercolor, in my opinion, represent the most beautiful type of painting by giving its colors and paper a wonderful naturalness (especially the originals), pictures beautify a room a lot, but also the moon has properties that you and yours change life for the better. Me myself am so fascinated by the symbolism of the moon, which uses different colors or images to highlight different meanings that relate to us personally and to our lives. I put all my heart energy and ideas into nature and especially when I paint into the moon. My work of art should become your own companion at all times of the day. Remind you who and what you are. It is also important to me to generate donations for the animal protection organization ‘CIWY’ through my artworks in order to support the preservation of the biodiversity of the Bolivian rainforest.

With my further project Biton I want to fully live out my heart energy and devote myself to it. So yes, you can expect even more. Stay tuned and be up to date by subscribing to Aqcaroell.

Yes, I put all efforts to pay attention to the environment when packaging. Therefore, the materials are made from 99.9% recycled or ecological material.

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